Decisions decisions!

The Pro 1000, Load-Master, and the Auto Breech Lock Pro.

Decisions decisions!

Postby Shooterrick2020 » 27 Jun 2020 05

Okay I have the breech lock Pro. With the bushings I can pop all the dyes out except for the decapping die and drop a empty breech lock bushing to hold the indexing rod. This is what I'm doing on mixed brass before cleaning. And then run the brass through my conditioning system to uniform the pockets and get rid of any military crimp. I am priming on press because I have no problems with the Lee safety Prime.

All that said I do not cast bullets and so I'm trying to find a reason to buy secondary press. Just not sure if a single stage is going to make the process any better. I know I could swage the primer Pockets instead of cleaning them and uniforming them but that would be about it as far as the benefits I would think. If anyone out there buys lead bullets that are coated do those still need to be sized or have they already been sized?

Open to all comments take me to school.
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Re: Decisions decisions!

Postby Ohio3Wheels » 27 Jun 2020 09

I've bought from coated from both Acme and Missouri and did not have to size either of them. I did resize some from Missouri for the 38-55 as it turns out it preferred a smaller bullet. The bullets I get from Acme for the 45 Colt, 45-70 and the 38-55 have shot great as delivered planning on trying some in the 450 Bushmaster next.

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Re: Decisions decisions!

Postby klr » 27 Jun 2020 09

I would assume that any commercial coated bullet will be sized and ready to load. It defeats the purpose of buying bullets if the purchaser still has to do some work to get them ready. My brother bought a box of commercial powder coated bullets for me to load for his 45-70 and they were sized and ready to go.

As to another press - at some point in the future you'll have a need for a heavy duty single stage press if you keep reloading.
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Re: Decisions decisions!

Postby larryw » 29 Jun 2020 00

klr wrote:As to another press - at some point in the future you'll have a need for a heavy duty single stage press if you keep reloading.

+1 with out a doubt!!!
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