Hornady bullet feeding die??

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Hornady bullet feeding die??

Postby Shooterrick2020 » 25 Jun 2020 15

I was curious if anyone is using this Hornady bullet feeding die and they're Lee Progressive press. If so what are your impressions?
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Re: Hornady bullet feeding die??

Postby horseman » 25 Jun 2020 21

I have one with the Bully adapter that allows for the lee 4 tube conversion to be used in conjunction. They (the bullet feeder) can be "difficult" to get properly adjusted for reliable feeding, at least for the 9mm which is what I was using it for. ALSO, using it with the Bully adapter it doesn't fit on the LM press. Hit's the powder measure as the adapter is quite large. I probably have 50 bucks or so into the whole setup and it all resides as of now on top on my gun safe gathering dust. It was kinda cool in the beginning (when it worked) but I found I'm just as quick setting the bullet on the case and more precise in doing so. Hence the "dust" gathering. Perhaps others have had better experiences with theirs.
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