Concerned and a question

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Concerned and a question

Postby Shooterrick2020 » 10 May 2020 16

I loaded 25 rounds 45 ACP Sierra 230 grain FMJ with a range between 4.6 + 5.0 a Winchester 231 powder and the primers were Federal large pistol. I base this load on Lee's reloading manual and I'm looking at the manual and it should be a mid-range load. . I've looked at both Hornady and Sierra bullets Reloading Data for this round and it appears they recommend a significantly higher load. Sierra even classifies that load as low pressure at the 4.6 level of Winchester 231.

Is the Lee Reloading manual very conservative or have I made a mistake? . Should these rounds be fired?
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Re: Concerned and a question

Postby GasGuzzler » 10 May 2020 17

Those will be fine. They won't be hot and they won't be good for 150 yards ... but it's 45 AUTO, not 45-70.
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Re: Concerned and a question

Postby Ranch Dog » 11 May 2020 07

All the loads in Lee's manual are from other published data sources; those sources being bullet or powder manufacturers. I wish that the data in that manual referenced the bullet and/or source of the data. The bullet because not all bullets of the same weight have the same length. Given the cartridge OAL of the referenced data, bullets of a longer length than that used with the data would result in higher pressures for the specific load. Knowing the source of the data would allow you to investigate which bullet was used. I think every component business now has online data.

I use Lee's data frequently to compare QuickLoad's calculated results.
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Re: Concerned and a question

Postby Macd » 11 May 2020 09

Like RD says all the Lee loading charts are from powder manufacturers data. I always check their sites to find other data such as bullet and primer brand used. It also helps to know the firearm used for their testing. Not all give pressure information.
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