Manuals and on line resources

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Manuals and on line resources

Postby 10x » 02 Feb 2022 07:19

I have an early copy of the Lee 2nd edition reloading manual.
The later copies of the 2nd edition have been "revised " a bit.
When searching for a load with a cartridge, bullet, and powder the Lee Manual is my first point of research.
Over the years I have collected manuals from all of the bullet companies and powder companies. Most of the information is redundant
I do use an online resource (Gordon's Reloading tool - freeware or subscription if you choose) as a reference and confirmation of loads from the manuals.
I shoot 9.3x57 and there is limited data for modern powders in this caliber, especially with 200 grain cast bullets.
One of my goals is to revise a Lee Loader for 8x57 to 9.3x57.
I do miss being able to buy a Classic Lee loader for calibers rarely used like the 222 Remington or the 8x57.

For what it is worth, and there is a learning curve - Gordon's Reloading Tool
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