What happened to supply and Demand?

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What happened to supply and Demand?

Postby Lbrewer42 » 04 Sep 2020 13:20

I am so anxious to get a progressive Lee press, reloading supplies, tune up the machine and have fun making ammo. I have the time and the money right now to do it...but I cannot get the equipment I want. I grew up in an America where something like this was just about impossible. And some people are calling this the new normal! Yes, I know - the China virus - granted. But even before the virus, ammo was not easy to obtain.

I guess I am just to ignorant of the modern business world. We have had ammo shortages since obama's Great Depression. But it used to be in our Capitalistic society that when a need was there, entrepreneurs would rise up and fill the void - becoming rich while doing it.

I would think surely the big manufacturers, if they are not restricted by some regulations (that need removed) could invest and quickly increase their output with new machinery. The new businesses would be guaranteed all they make they could sell! So what if after awhile demand dies down - I would think there are millions to be made NOW that would pay for the machinery.

So why is this not happening? Its long overdue. Is governmental regulations/licensing holding things up? no matter what step in the manufacturing process you go back to, there should be people stepping up to fill the void.

I have not seen full ammo shelves like we had all the time I was growing up. And I don't know how much I believe, when looking at percentages and population, that there are more people wanting ammo nowadays.

While growing up in north west PA, almost all the guys in my large public high school went out on the first day of buck. Forty years later as a teacher, I found it was just a handful of kids who had even shot a gun, let alone being able to tell you the difference between a shotgun and rifle (though they knew all their favorite ball team players stats :( )! And to think all those boys from long ago had dad's and grandfather's taking them out - that's even more ammo needed percentagewise by population.

Some people say hoarding is the problem. But again, American history shows over and over when demand has outpaced supply, someone who sees the opportunity for guaranteed successful business has stepped up to the plate. So what really gives?

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