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Shotgun sights

PostPosted: 21 Aug 2019 11
by mikld
I want to put rifle style sights on my RIA M5 for slug shooting. I'd prefer a ghost ring/peep style but will consider a "dot" sight (I have a couple "Red dot" sights on a handgun and on my H-P carbine and they work quite well for these old eyes). Any suggestions? I'm pretty handy and can drill/tap if necessary...

Re: Shotgun sights

PostPosted: 21 Aug 2019 14
by Ohio3Wheels
I know TruGlo makes one they call the "Turkey Stomper" or some such and I know I'm quite happy with the Turglo 2X I put on my 38-55 Marlin re-bore.

Natchez sometimes has pretty good prices on them also.

Make smoke,

Re: Shotgun sights

PostPosted: 22 Aug 2019 05
by Ranch Dog
I'm struggling through this for the Western Field 170 smoothbore bolt action I bought. It needs better sights, a red dot or scope base. Nothing yet.

Re: Shotgun sights

PostPosted: 19 Nov 2019 19
by W.R.Buchanan
Big fan of Rifle sights on shotguns shooting slugs. My M500 tactical gun has Williams Rifle Sights and the green FOis hard to miss in direct sunlight. It's hard to miss anytime really. If you are shooting a night with a gun mounted light the green FO is easy to see as well.

On my Browning A5 which I have set up as a slug gun I have two barrels, a smoothbore Miroku Buck Special Barrel and I was able to drift the existing Front Sight out and replace it with a Williams Green FO. The other barrel is a Hastings Rifled Barrel with the same kind of sights except I have not been able to get the front sight out of that barrel to save my life. IF I ever do it'll get replaced with another Williams Green FO.

I use the Buck Special Barrel primarily for 3 gun and Front sight classes where I will be shooting the majority of Birdshot, with some buckshot and slugs and that barrel shoots all three well, but the sights help with accuracy. So much better than a simple bead.

I had thought about making an adapter for the rear sight on the Hastings barrel to mount a Burris Fastfire III but haven't gotten around to it yet.


Re: Shotgun sights

PostPosted: 19 Nov 2019 22
by Macd
I like the Bushnell red dot with the green or red option.. It is fast and like all reflectors doesn't require consistent cheek weld. I shoot it with both eyes open on a combination gun. I have shot birds and rabbits stationary and moving. It is adequate for normal shotgun and rimfire ranges. The only downfall is the need to have a spare battery handy.