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Shotgun sights

21 Aug 2019 11

I want to put rifle style sights on my RIA M5 for slug shooting. I'd prefer a ghost ring/peep style but will consider a "dot" sight (I have a couple "Red dot" sights on a handgun and on my H-P carbine and they work quite well for these old eyes). Any suggestions? I'm pretty handy and can drill/tap if necessary...

Re: Shotgun sights

21 Aug 2019 14

I know TruGlo makes one they call the "Turkey Stomper" or some such and I know I'm quite happy with the Turglo 2X I put on my 38-55 Marlin re-bore.

Natchez sometimes has pretty good prices on them also.

Make smoke,

Re: Shotgun sights

22 Aug 2019 05

I'm struggling through this for the Western Field 170 smoothbore bolt action I bought. It needs better sights, a red dot or scope base. Nothing yet.
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