Rifling vs Twist

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Rifling vs Twist

Postby killian6pk » 05 Oct 2020 12

What is the difference in rifling and twist in a barrel or is there any difference? For instance Remington in their 700 models speak about 5R rifling and never mention twist rates.
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Re: Rifling vs Twist

Postby RBHarter » 05 Oct 2020 14

They are often used interchangeably . Rifling as a defined part in this case would refer to land - groove shape relationship and number . 5R is a wedge shaped land of about 1-4 land to groove space at 5 lands . Twist is still rated in inches per rotation US , mm or cm elsewhere . Artillery changes the values to calibers per rotation . Example a 12" gun at 1-8 would make 1 turn in 96" while a 6" gun would be 1 turn in 48" .
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Re: Rifling vs Twist

Postby Macd » 05 Oct 2020 14

The right twist rate is essential to stabilizing bullets. Rifle barrels of the same calibre can have a range of twist rates. The .223 Rem ranges from 1-14 to 1- 7. Bullet length is a key factor in determining the best twist rate. Here is a handy calculator.

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