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Re: Thinking of a getting a new handgun

Postby horseman » 02 Jan 2020 13

And it just keeps getting better. 45 Super. So, it's been around for 25 years or so. Did I know that? No. I'm not sure I'd ever even heard of it. Why, because I never had an interest. I have heard of 460 Rowland, 475 Whidley for instance but I have no idea of what they really are. Why, they don't interest me. So upon doing just a little investigating of the venerable 45acp these things start showing up and all of a sudden i'm getting interested. And a little knowledge. I've learned more about the 45acp (and other"s) in the last three days of reading that makes me wish I had done this years ago instead of "move along, nothing to see here folks". I'm pretty sure I would of had at least ONE 45 super, and I'm pretty sure it would have been a Springfield V16 long slide. I'd buy one today if they weren't going at such a used price (you could probably buy a custom Les Baer for close to the same money). It's also interesting (and somewhat amusing) reading responses to doing a 45 Super with a 1911 45 acp (or most other styles) "No, No, don't do it, you'll shoot yer eye out", "if you need more than the standard 45acp then buy a bigger gun", "the gun won't take the abuse" type stuff. "The sky is falling", if you bring up the point that they make the 1911 (for instance) in 10mil and it works just fine, you get.... me it's "why the heck not do it"...why buy a 45 Colt caliber in a large frame Ruger if not for the same reason. Enough of my ramblings, I think this is where I'm going to go.
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Re: Thinking of a getting a new handgun

Postby larryw » 02 Jan 2020 16

Howdy Horseman & happy everything.. Answer your voice mail !!!!!
Well 45 Super?? Don't know anything about it. Handgun, well I'm a wheel gun fan but, my all time
favorite 45acp, hands down, is an early 1970's Colt, steel frame, Combat Commander.
Out of the box, more accurate than you or I will ever hope to be, & in stock configuration,
ALMOST, almost, Glock reliable. Easily, & inexpensively slicked up & tuned to a very high level.
Personally, from experience & IMHO if you need more than 5,6 or 8 rounds, other than a wildlife situation,
or full on war, you shouldn't have been in that place to begin with, & you know it !!!!
Bet you wish you hadn't given away all that 45acp stuff Hu ???
Guess I can start asking you this question again now,, Need any 45acp brass??? :lol: :lol:
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