Prairie Dog 6-102 Perfect Powder Baffle

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Re: Prairie Dog 6-102 Perfect Powder Baffle

Postby beekeeper » 28 Jun 2014 08:46

With IMR 4198 I fiddled with the measure until I had perfect weight on 4 consecutive drops.
Then did my thing weighing each charge as I went.
Gradually the measure went off 1/2 grain light.
A few drops later it was 1/2 grain high.
That is why I weigh every charge on my beam scale.


Re: Prairie Dog 6-102 Perfect Powder Baffle

Postby Maximumbob54 » 01 Jul 2014 16:11

I will admit that with stick powder I've never had even a .1gr close to perfection happen with any stick powder. But I can load all the blasting cheap bullet .223 just for range fodder in the AR and with Win 748 I have to force myself to stop and check because they are almost always spot on with every now and then that tenth off that this kind of ammo doesn't even matter with. Now if I'm making my cousin's .300 Win Mag elk hunting ammo then I measure each and every single powder drop out. I don't want to think for one second I'm to blame if she's two inches off at five hundred yards and wounds instead of kills an animal. But for blasting ammo I could care less about even a few tenths of a grain off.
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