Innovative Product Sticky

Product ideas brought to retail through small businesses that complement your Lee reloading equipment.

Innovative Product Sticky

Postby Ranch Dog » 31 May 2014 06:52

Directory/Links supporting the small business that have brought their ideas to retail.

  • Custom Cast
    • Mini Disk and Bar (replaces the no longer manufactured Micro Disk)
    • Blank disks for the Auto Disk
  • Gun-Guides
    • Perfect Powder Measure Adapter that allow it's use on any Powder Through Expander Die or Rifle Charging Die. Slips into Lee Funnel Adapter.
  • Inline Fabrication
    • A complete line of products, too many to list, for your Lee presses.
  • Mike's Reloading Bench
    • Many improvement for your Load Master press.
  • NOE Bullet Molds
    • Powder Through Expander Plugs and Expander Plugs for the Universal Expanding Die ~ These plugs turn these dies into "M" type dies for uniform case neck expansion. A must for cast bullet use!
  • Titan Reloading
    Titan has some must have items and has a very interesting relationship with Lee Precision which is worth reading about.
  • 1sagelas on ebay
    • Spent Primer Deflector for LEE Reloading Presses ~ This acrylic insert replaces the primer arm for those that do not primer on their presses and well properly eject the spent primers from resizing down the spent primer tube.
      Unfortunately, it appears that this product is no longer available. Please let me know if you see it offered through any other source.

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