7.62X54 R collet neck sizing die

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7.62X54 R collet neck sizing die

Postby beekeeper » 04 Dec 2015 14:45

Had my son check everything for me and his answer was I needed a neck sizing collet die for the mosins.
Everything else has one or a workaround that works.
Contacted Lee yesterday and their answer was very few people ever asked for one.

o if you shoot cast in a mosin give them a shout and maybe we will get one in production or maybe RD has some pull and can get one started


PS: just kidding RD

Re: 7.62X54 R collet neck sizing die

Postby RBHarter » 04 Dec 2015 21:13

I wonder if you could use an 7.92x57l (J) die ? The 1 for the .318 8X57 found in an original untouched 95 or early 98 infantry, as opposed to the infantry Spitzer (JS) that is .323.
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Re: 7.62X54 R collet neck sizing die

Postby daboone » 05 Dec 2015 08:17

I use a Lee 308 collet die and a washer.;) Find some washers big enough slip over the case. The washer will rest on top of the shellholder. What this washer will do is stop on the collet die from going down to far on the case before the mandrel sizes the case's neck. Works for me. :D

I'm not home now but it took me 3 different washers of different thickness to find the right thickness to get the sizing right. I remember it wasn't the thinnest one, maybe 1/16th in thick? It wasn't the thinnest or the thickest one I pick up at my hardware store.
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Re: 7.62X54 R collet neck sizing die

Postby Ranch Dog » 14 Dec 2015 18:55

Just special order one.
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