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Mike 56
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Lee Customer Service

Post by Mike 56 »

I have dealt with Lee customer service twice both times they were great. The first time i called them to tell them that my perfect powder measure did not come with a spout and to buy decapping pin that was out of warranty they sent me both no charge.

The second time i had problem with a Lee Loader they tried to solve it but could not. I kept it my chose they were more than willing to have me return it for a refund.
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Re: Lee Customer Service

Post by Maximumbob54 »

I've had the same good service from them. They do seem to ho out of their way to try to help.
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Re: Lee Customer Service

Post by daboone »

I've had more than once the pleasure of having John and Pat answer the phone! Every experience I ever had be it a product issue or just a question I've gotten nothing but respect and satisfaction from all the fine folks at Lee.

To be honest RCBS, Forster, Wilson and Hornady also have treated me very well. I believe all these American reloading companies are into providing outstanding service because together we stand as a first line defense of our 2nd Amendment Rights and they honestly know we will fight for them as they do for us.
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Re: Lee Customer Service

Post by Ranch Dog »

I ran four mold group buys this year and had one that wasn't correct. It was for a 25 ACP bullet a TL255-50-RF. Instead of cutting them at .255, they cut them at .225". I sent an email to Lee and received a response almost immediately which apologized for the problem and stated they the correct molds would be cut without further delay. They have been shipped.

Is has been my experience with Lee, if something isn't right, they are going to make it right.
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Re: Lee Customer Service

Post by larryw »

No arguments from me!!! Great folks.
It is a shame that all other company's
cant do business this way?????
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