New Parts for free

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New Parts for free

Postby az2vet » 06 Dec 2019 18

I was given a Load All for 20 gauge but it did not have the powder and shot bushings. After finding out that the Load All and Load All II use the same bushings I went to the Lee website and registered. I ordered the bushings and the bushing lid on 30Nov. It was delivered today, 6Dec. All it cost me was the shipping of $8.50. Not to shabby.
Now to figure out what to do with it as I do not have a 20 gauge.
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Re: New Parts for free

Postby larryw » 06 Dec 2019 22

Nice score. What to do now ? Buy A 20ga of course :D
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Re: New Parts for free

Postby GasGuzzler » 07 Dec 2019 05

I have more than once cleared my cart at Lee and paid for parts elsewhere because the shipping made the total LESS. I am glad they back their items and do not nickel and dime us on small parts...too bad they do on shipping.
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Re: New Parts for free

Postby RBHarter » 07 Dec 2019 11

Gas that's why I use and recommend Titian Reloading . The $25 moulds are 18 and virtually everything else has similar margins off the msrp and Lee direct prices .
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Re: New Parts for free

Postby JohnnyEnfield » 10 Dec 2019 10

I love Titan Reloading. Good prices and good people to do business with. They also have a customer loyalty program that helps a bit with giving you 1% off or more as you buy items over your lifetime. They have a lot of parts in stock for molds and equipment. Good place.
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