What Rifle Reloading Did You Do Today?

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Re: What Rifle Reloading Did You Do Today?

Postby RBHarter » 13 Dec 2021 14:39

I'm not really one to question how others arrive at high velocity cast bullet data , I shoot some pretty spirited loads often matching jacketed loads .
Did you perhaps have a typo in matching load levels with a 180 gr cast bullet and a 168 gr jacketed .

I erred once in a 6.8SPCII data log in that my 27-130 was infact 141 gr and I should have had some fudge factor as it was chambered in a 7mm barrel making it a 7×6.8 SPC . I was 1.5 gr down from the 130 gr jacket max with groups closing and velocities tracking . Then I had action spray and a .250 dia primer pocket with no primer or anvil to be found . Best guess is someplace around 75-80kpsi in a 62kpsi max cartridge .
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Re: What Rifle Reloading Did You Do Today?

Postby bayou » 13 Dec 2021 16:59

Hi, RB -

Yep, my usual and customary load for 168 grain jacketed Nosler Custom Competition bullets in the 30-06 is 45.2 grains of 4064 with a COL of 3.30”. No crimp.

This is a mid-range load, and as per the Hornady loading manual, it is Garand rifle compatible.


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