Trimming rifle brass

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Re: Trimming rifle brass

Postby bayou » 11 Apr 2019 07

Well, for my 30-06 case preparation, there's much in common with what's already been said, but I'll summarize my technique briefly.

First, the brass is decapped and then cleaned/tumbled. I next check the inside of the cases with a slightly bent paper clip to see if there are any signs of early case head separation. Next, the brasses are sized ( the FL sizing die was previously set for proper headspacing). Once FL sized, each brass gets put into a headspace gauge (Dillon) to double check proper headspacing.

Trimming is next. I have several trimmers but have settled on the Lee hand trimmer using a 3-jaw chuck in a drill. Chamfering and deburring are done while the brass is still in the drill. Finally, priming and charging.

Seems to work like a champ!

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