Bullseye Powder

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Bullseye Powder

Postby Poppop » 22 Sep 2017 17

I've been using Bullseye powder for many years now for .38 spec. I finally noticed that is STINKS. I mean STINKS. The smell is awful. If I were shooting indoors, I would probably be banned.
Has anyone else noticed it?
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Re: Bullseye Powder

Postby GasGuzzler » 22 Sep 2017 17

Bullseye is great for 9mm and likely others. It's Unique that sux horribly.

I'm not fancy nor has my home been threatened. I've never shot ANYTHING indoors.
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Re: Bullseye Powder

Postby RBHarter » 22 Sep 2017 18

There are a handful of Unique smells that are gun related and to date the only one I find truly unpleasant is the ammonia type copper solvents . Spent powder just smells like someplace I'm supposed to be .
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Re: Bullseye Powder

Postby mikld » 23 Sep 2017 11

I haven't noticed any unacceptable odors from any of my casting, reloading or gun cleaning stuff, but I grew up in So. Central Los Angeles... 8-)

Plus, once when I was siphoning (stealing) some gas I choked, gagged and coughed some gas outta my nose. My smeller ain't worked quite right since... :?
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