What Handgun Reloading Did You Do Today?

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Re: What Handgun Reloading Did You Do Today?

Postby Crash40SW » 29 Jun 2020 13

YAY! I feel like I won the lottery. I managed to score a 1000rd box of CCI 500 primers, AND another 1000 bullets in a single trip! More 40SW on the way (once I get my bullet feeder fixed)
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Re: What Handgun Reloading Did You Do Today?

Postby horseman » 01 Jul 2020 20

Today I did my first venture into 45 super. I have been remiss in starting this as I have been doing lots of other "stuff" with the plain ACP version and enjoying that, but I have Starline Super brass and was able to pick up a couple pounds of Accurate 7, which is ONE of the recommended powders for 45 Super. Using 230gr. Hornady xtp bullets. The load data I have is from Western powders so I'm comfortable using it. The data they sent me shows using a Speer Gold Dot but said I could use the same data for the XTP. The difference I see is the OAL is different than what I've been using in other loads with the
XTP bullet vs the Gold Dot. They feed well, no failures so that is what I'll stick with. Data says start load is 10.8gr. AA#7 under a 230gr. Gold Dot OAL not mentioned (?) but I have my own for the XTP. This load shows an avg. of 981fps. I got a mild surprise with this load as I've found "usually" Western is a bit optimistic with their numbers. I have their reloading guide and have NEVER reached "their" velocities with THEIR data. This time was different. 10.8gr. #7, 230gr. XTP bullet, OAL 1.230 using a Federal match LPP. (I have never used these before in any of my loads but just picked up a thousand as that is "usually" the primer Western uses in their data). Hi was 1022, low was 997.6, avg 1008 ES 24.86 SD 11.87. Now how good is that for first try... 8-) Gun is set up with a 25lb mainspring, flat bottom firing pin stop (small radius) and an 18lb recoil spring. I set it this way just to see how it would handle LOW 45 Super rounds BUT THIS LOAD IS STILL 1.2gr. ABOVE +P MAXIMUM SO CAUTION. There are some that are loading this up to 13.5gr. :shock: Recoil was nothing to write home about in fact after the first shot I had to look at the readout to make sure I hadn't loaded a "regular" round. I couldn't believe it when I read 1013. Western shows a max load of 12gr. I "may" go up to that just to see, but I'm thinking for a "full house" 230gr. 45 SD load that 10.8-11.0 may be just right. I was mildly surprised to say the least. +guns

EDIT: thought I should add that the mtys were landing about 5-6ft. to my right. That was another surprise as this gun usually flings them in a shotgun pattern up to 10-12ft. Not sure why the difference with only going up 2lbs on the RS weight. ?? :geek:
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Re: What Handgun Reloading Did You Do Today?

Postby larryw » 03 Jul 2020 12

Sometimes it dont take much ???
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