Reloading for my new .38

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Re: Reloading for my new .38

Postby mikld » 29 Mar 2019 11

larryw wrote:
mikld wrote:One of my favorite bullets for my 38s is the Lee, 125 gr RNFP. I cast a lot of them with my "mystery metal" that runs about 11 BHN and load them over Bullseye or W231. Lots of fun shooting...

I agree with you 100%. That is a sweet little bullet, friend of mine gave me a bunch.
I really liked them.
I've got an old, 2 banger Ideal mold, 148gr button nosed wadcutter, I would have to
say is my favorite.
38 spec, the above mentioned bullet, & a Lee Loader kit was my
first reloading project. Hard to believe, 50+ years ago. 38 spec is still my favorite loading

One of my "house gun" loads is that same bullet (I think) loaded over max/near max loads of W231. Not wrist breaking and fairly accurate in my 2" Taurus. But I would only put it to serious use at across the room distances so I don't need 2" @ 25 grouping... :lol:
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Re: Reloading for my new .38

Postby larryw » 29 Mar 2019 12

I'll be dog gone?? Exact same thing here. Wife's little 2" Taurus, wheel full of wadcutters,
great little night stand piece for in house ranges.
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Re: Reloading for my new .38

Postby GasGuzzler » 30 Mar 2019 05

Pretty sure my house load is a 180+ RNFP over a bunch of Lil Gun but I'd have to look.
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Re: Reloading for my new .38

Postby Kaiser » 30 Apr 2019 22

I shoot and reload for a Uberti 1875 Schofield in a .38 Special. My accuracy loads (2) are with CFE Pistol and AA5 powder and any cast 150 to 158gr cast bullet. I've been cautioned not to use +P loads in this "break action", but with its 7" BBL and loads around 800 to 850fps, it is about the most pleasant pistol to shoot that I own this side of a .22. (However, I can't give up my .45's, whether 1911 or 1873, for my favorite companions to my hunting rifles when after game and not targets.)
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Re: Reloading for my new .38

Postby Macd » 02 May 2019 15

My knock 'em down load (Steel poppers) is the result of working on a duplicate of the 38 special "Super Police" load and the Webley Mk1 38-200 S&W. My final load was a 204-5 grain hard cast rifle bullet that exceeds the velocity of both by a significant amount, as much as 400 FPS! This gave it a muzzle energy equal to a 45ACP. Loaded into a 38 Special case and fired in a Ruger New Model 357 Blackhawk. Powder was "Lil" Gun. Recoil wasn't too bad and it shot high but those poppers just wilted when hit from 25 feet. It is the hottest revolver load I have developed and I have since backed off to a more reasonable charge but it still is really potent. The bullet looks nothing like the original one used in the aforementioned cartridges.
200 Super Police.jpg

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