Reloading for my new .38

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Re: Reloading for my new .38

Postby mikld » 29 Mar 2019 11

larryw wrote:
mikld wrote:One of my favorite bullets for my 38s is the Lee, 125 gr RNFP. I cast a lot of them with my "mystery metal" that runs about 11 BHN and load them over Bullseye or W231. Lots of fun shooting...

I agree with you 100%. That is a sweet little bullet, friend of mine gave me a bunch.
I really liked them.
I've got an old, 2 banger Ideal mold, 148gr button nosed wadcutter, I would have to
say is my favorite.
38 spec, the above mentioned bullet, & a Lee Loader kit was my
first reloading project. Hard to believe, 50+ years ago. 38 spec is still my favorite loading

One of my "house gun" loads is that same bullet (I think) loaded over max/near max loads of W231. Not wrist breaking and fairly accurate in my 2" Taurus. But I would only put it to serious use at across the room distances so I don't need 2" @ 25 grouping... :lol:
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Re: Reloading for my new .38

Postby larryw » 29 Mar 2019 12

I'll be dog gone?? Exact same thing here. Wife's little 2" Taurus, wheel full of wadcutters,
great little night stand piece for in house ranges.
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Re: Reloading for my new .38

Postby GasGuzzler » 30 Mar 2019 05

Pretty sure my house load is a 180+ RNFP over a bunch of Lil Gun but I'd have to look.
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