Smelting time. Good bye wheel weights...

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Re: Smelting time. Good bye wheel weights...

Postby huntnfish08 » 16 Apr 2022 16:27

Wheel weights are near impossible to get around here. I ended up buying about 300+ lbs of recovered high antimony shot, size BB.
I believe it's between 5-6% antimony.
I've melted it down, fluxed and poured into ingots. I plan on adding mini muffin tin ingots of Pewter that I've poured around 3oz. To the pot at casting time to help mould flow.
Check your trap ranges for reclaimed lead and garage sales for Pewter to add in tin.
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Re: Smelting time. Good bye wheel weights...

Postby Macd » 18 Apr 2022 08:36

Still have lots of wheel weights. New vehicles don't come with them but the local garages and tire shops still use for replacement balancing. The arsenic component found in wheel weights helps with quench hardening for those bullets shot at higher velocities. It also increases the level of age hardening. Safe to handle but I wash hands, smelt in a well ventilated area and don't shoot in poorly ventilated areas. Indoor ranges here have to meet strict ventilation requirements but some still don't allow lead projectiles. As an aside, the last time the berms were worked on at my club range the operators were required to wear P100 particulate filters and wash down equipment daily. Lead dust is not something you want to breath or bring home.
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