Virgin Caster 1st time

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Re: Virgin Caster 1st time

Postby GasGuzzler » 06 Oct 2019 06

The longer I keep hot bullets in the mold, the hotter the mold gets. If I dump the bullets as soon as they are solid, the mold has more time to air cool on the way back to the pot. I guess I do one half of the process much slower than most people and the other half much faster.
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Re: Virgin Caster 1st time

Postby RBHarter » 06 Oct 2019 09

After many years , probably what modern folks would call couple of lifetimes , I've found that there is how things are done , the way it's written to be done , and the method by which each individual does a particular job . It's like Lee counter bump and the H&G wrist roll . After a while it just gets to be part of your whole flow and or bench setup . I feel like everything I work on lately is left handed , turns out I've just been doing things more left side dominated lately . You've found your groove and flow and it works , that's the really important part .
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Re: Virgin Caster 1st time

Postby kmw1954 » 10 Oct 2019 23

Well the weather has held up so I was able to cast some the past two days. Got 260 yesterday and another 400 today.

I think I finally found a rhythm that works with this little bullet, only found a couple with small wrinkles that I suppose could be attributed to the way I poured them and none that were heavily frosted. There were some with light frosting to tem but other than tat they looked very good.

Still need to come up with either a better pot or at least a dedicated bench that I can lay out and make more ergonomic. I will say I am making progress and my skills are improving.
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