A new member from Kansas

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A new member from Kansas

Postby Yosemite Sam » 26 Dec 2019 20

Greetings to the board!

I'm a fairly new hand loader, and am teaching myself via several classic lee loaders. I'm in the clergy and a member of a religious community, and the simplicity and affordability of the lee loaders makes reloading very feasible.

I've been reloading for a 30-06 and a 22-250, but will eventually break open the kits for the 357/38 and the 7.62x54r. I'm partial to Savage bolt guns as I'm a lefty, and I love a good wheel gun. Lever guns catch my eye, too. I'm partial to the calibers that get labels like "old school," or workhorse etc.

A 300 Savage recently came into the picture, and it's only a matter of time.

I'm interested in anything outdoors, subject to the limits of middle age and an ample waistline. I love hunting and flyfishng in particular, but anything rod or gun is great. My ideal vacation normally involves a campfire. My other interests are U.S. history (I teach at a small college and am working on a graduate degree), and college football.
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Re: A new member from Kansas

Postby larryw » 26 Dec 2019 23

Welcome Sam, great place, great folks, crazy knowledge & experience.
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Re: A new member from Kansas

Postby Ranch Dog » 27 Dec 2019 07

Welcome to the forum Sam! It sounds like an interesting number of cartridges. I'm a fan of the 300 Savage. I have Savage 99 and a Remington 722 chambered in the cartridge. There is a Savage 45 on GunBroker that is making me crazy, but I've slowed down the gun buying as I'm slowing down.
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Re: A new member from Kansas

Postby Ohio3Wheels » 27 Dec 2019 09

Welcome from SW Ohio you'll find any number of lever gun enthusiast here as well as the Lee gang.

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Re: A new member from Kansas

Postby RBHarter » 27 Dec 2019 23

Welcome from Arkansas .

I used to be a lefty also it's still dominate but the vision isn't what it once was .
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Re: A new member from Kansas

Postby akuser47 » 06 Jan 2020 13

Live Free,Ride Free, Or Die Fighting, For The Right, To do So!
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