New guy says Hi!

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New guy says Hi!

Postby mergus » 09 Feb 2019 22

Hello All. Mergus is my name and that comes from the latin for the common merganser. Its also the name of the duck hunting boat I built. With those 2 waterfowl hunting tie ins, you be would correct to assume I am fairly consumed with waterfowl hunting.

I own a Lee Load All II and various and sundry 4 die handgun kits.

I live in Vermont and do most of my reloading during the long cold months of winter.

Thanks for having me......

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Re: New guy says Hi!

Postby Ranch Dog » 10 Feb 2019 06

Welcome to the forum, and it is great to have a shotgun reloader here! I bought a Load-All II in 1999 as I was running through shotgun shells for dove and quail hunting on my ranch. The same year, I sold that place and bought another 35 miles east of the last and solidly out of the dove flyway. Bummer, haven't shot five rounds at a bird in the last twenty years. Recently, I started in on hogs with shot and just starting to load BBs with the II. I also deep dived into slugs this past fall, which the II can cover very well, but with my press addiction bought a MEC Slugger. That journey taught me what a great press and value the Lee Load-All II is.

Honestly, I absorb every post about the shotgun side of reloading as there has not been many and look forward to your posts!
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Re: New guy says Hi!

Postby GFKIRKLAND » 10 Feb 2019 06

Welcome to the forum Mergus from Bonnie Scotland.

Gavin +guns
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Re: New guy says Hi!

Postby RBHarter » 10 Feb 2019 07

Welcome !
Love to hunt ducks . It's one of the reasons I decided to stay in Arkansas .
My Lee stuff is mostly casting .
Just a Red neck,White boy, Blue blood American.....
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Re: New guy says Hi!

Postby HDMontana » 10 Feb 2019 08

Welcome from Montana.
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Re: New guy says Hi!

Postby Macd » 10 Feb 2019 08

Whenever I hear someone mention duck hunting I am taken back to my early years when I and my best buddy would paddle down the edges of local rivers in a wooden canoe and jump shoot ducks. Early morning mist, sun just peeking up and the sound of ducks quacking morning greetings. Paddles had cloth wrapping to prevent gunnel slaps and scrapes from alerting the birds. We were poor boys, me a student and he just starting a family. I had a single 12 and he had a single 20. You never knew what you might encounter around the next bend in the river.
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Re: New guy says Hi!

Postby Et2ss » 10 Feb 2019 13


I haven't hunted ducks since I was a lad in high school. I do own a Load-All in 16ga (still unused in box, it's a back up to my MEC)

I had recently acquired the Load-All's younger brother by a stroke of luck.

Not your typical Load-All

Peruse the forum for a while, and you'll soon realize the wealth of information found here!
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Re: New guy says Hi!

Postby Old Scribe » 12 Feb 2019 13

Welcome aboard from the State of Jefferson. Years ago I used to hunt ducks and geese, but got tired of the wet and cold, and didn't have a water dog. Now I mostly shoot trap or skeet with friends. I reload 12 gauge black powder cartridge for my two LeFever doubles and enjoy shooting my 20 gauge muzzleloader double.
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