How to use powders with the Load All 2 that are not listed

Other sources of published loading data.

How to use powders with the Load All 2 that are not listed

Postby norris » 08 Dec 2020 18:08

Not sure how well this will be received, so here goes. There is load data for shot shells using powders that Lee does not list for the Load All 2. I ran across something that may be worth your time. You can always check the data against powders that are listed by Lee.

The video is by an engineer that reloads. He explains the math in detail. He uses volumetric measure density for a given powder.
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Re: How to use powders with the Load All 2 that are not list

Postby horseman » 09 Dec 2020 11:27

Thanks for posting, I watched the video. Not sure why or what he was doing that method for. Confusing to me. First cup of coffee thing. Simple way (in the Lee book) IF you know the VMD of the powder to be used, and the amount of powder charge (in grains), multiply the vmd number by the number of grains wanted and the answer will be the CC needed to obtain that weight. Close anyway. This subject can get further in depth as to different "lots" of powder, humidity of location, etc; the same powder can have a different VMD number. I suggest reading the Lee manual (or other venue with the information) on how to figure the VMD of YOUR lot of powder, any powder, so you can find the "right" CC disk. I hope I didn't further confuse the issue. There is a very good thread here somewhere, Ranch Dog explains it very well. ( I ) even learned something from that one, and I'm a sloooow' learner..... :D
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Re: How to use powders with the Load All 2 that are not list

Postby Ranch Dog » 10 Dec 2020 08:28

Yeah, the guy lost me with the video. The bottom line is that Lee's metallic reloading powder delivery systems use a cubic centimeter delivery system and the shotshell a cubic inch. Why? The progression of the fixed delivery systems fit the selected measure the best. Converting charges from grains to cc or ci is easy math and somewhat unnecessary because shotshell reloading is "reloading", not "handloading"; follow the recipe, don't vary the recipe unless you have pressure trace equipment to verify powder and component stack changes.

Shotguns are relatively low-pressure firearms, and their construction reflects it. The stack of components within the hull, powder, wads, and length affect the pressure generated. You cannot simply change a component for another. A single change changes everything.

I will bet more fingers, noses, and eyes have been lost "handloading" shotguns (not following the recipe) than have been lost with metallic reloading (other than revolvers). Rifles are strong and protect us when we make mistakes or think we have something really figured out.
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