2nd Edition "Updates"

The "how to" source of using Lee reloading equipment and one of the largest collections of loading data

Re: 2nd Edition "Updates"

Postby 62chevy » 11 Feb 2014 17:28

daboone wrote:Well if you just looking for books on casting information then you might want to add these to you list.
Jacketed Performance With Cast Bullets by Veral Smith
RCBS Cast Bullet Manual #1
Cast Bullets For Beginner and Expert by Joe Brennan

Cast Pic has a further list of books here: http://www.castpics.net/subsite2/GeneralReference/Cast%20Bullet%20Reference%20books.pdf. Several of these are listed on Amazon and even one, Handloader’s Manual by Earl Naramore is in Kindle format.

Castpics.net also has reloading data. It's a work in progress but useful.
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Re: 2nd Edition "Updates"

Postby Darto » 21 Mar 2014 22:23

I have copied the charge charts of dozens and dozens of charts from pictures on Ebay. These are the old Lee Loader charts that came with their hand tools.
I wonder if there is a way I could post a zipped up file of all of these?
Some will need to be zoomed in on in order to read the charge table, but that is easy to do with utilities such as Windows Paint, or Gimp, etc.

It is nice to see what Lee originally recommended for a caliber you are reloading on a Lee loader. Of course they only put one measure in each kit , so powder choices were limited.
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Re: 2nd Edition "Updates"

Postby akuser47 » 21 Mar 2014 22:30

Just open the zip and tranfer to pdf file and attach it in a post
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