Lee Modern Reloading 2nd Ed, revised

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Re: Lee Modern Reloading 2nd Ed, revised

Postby alphalimafoxtrot » 20 Jul 2017 09:01

deadEyeDick45 wrote:I'm really searching through books (Lee 2nd edition) , ect. and there's scant to no information on loading the 458 Socom with cast. Anybody got any suggestions? I'm most interested in subsonic loads with Lee 457-500RF

not that I know anything about .458 Socom but you're right - there's nothing listed in the newest Lee reloading book for cast/lead loads.

However, not that this is what you're looking for if you are set on the 500 gr cast to go subsonic/suppressed but in the newest Lyman 50th edition book, it does list 3 loadings for lead. These are all supersonic so this may be totally useless for your needs, just thought I'd share the info anyway.

One is for the 255 gr Lehigh Match, average low about 1800 average max load at 1900fps.
300 gr Lehigh Control Fracture, avg. low about 1600 avg. max load at 1700fps.
300 gr Lehigh Match, avg. low about 1700 avg. max load at 1800fps.

Thanks for listening!
Adam Lee
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Re: Lee Modern Reloading 2nd Ed, revised

Postby deadEyeDick45 » 20 Jul 2017 14:54

Thanks for the info Adam.
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Re: Lee Modern Reloading 2nd Ed, revised

Postby RBHarter » 21 Jul 2017 20:03

I have an phone/pad app called Reloading Assistant that lists a huge amount of load data mostly from powder manufacturers data .
It lists Accurate powder data for 3-4 , 400 gr bullets .

What I've used of it is pretty accurate against hard copy data .
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