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Re: Tumbler media

Postby Kaiser » 08 Apr 2019 16

I size and de-prime the cases, separate the cases by caliber in net bags, and toss them in the Lyman "vibrator" for at least 5 hrs with a full "bowl" of corn cob medium. After they're cleaned, I take the nets out, put a "separator" basket on top of the vibrator, and dump the cases in the basket to get the dust and cobs off for at least 30 minutes; then, I use a .22 caliber de'-capping punch to make sure all the primer cavities are "clear". I've never used dryer sheets, but it sure couldn't hurt. Clean brass looks good, shows you any not so obvious defects, and seems to feed better than "uncleaned" brass (especially in pumps or auto loaders).
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Re: Tumbler media

Postby bayou » 11 Apr 2019 07

I traditionally have wet tumbled my brass for the sparking "jewelry" like look. Over the years, however, I've come to shoot more and more frequently, and have decided it's just not necessary to achieve that degree of appearance - after all, it only lasts for about a week, that is, until the stuff gets shot again.

So, instead of tumbling, I've recently just been soaking my brass after each range trip. One ounce of Persil detergent, some Lemi-Shine and a sprinkle of salt in a bucket of hot water. Soaks for an hour, then thoroughly rinsed. The brass comes out surprising shiny. Moreover, once the brass is put through the sizing die, it indeed "sparkles". That is, until it gets shot again next weekend!

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