Ram prime trial .

Ram prime trial .

Postby RBHarter » 26 Aug 2020 11

After a lengthy delay fraught inconvenience , crashed A/C , dogs in the fowl , run away fowl , a couple of deceased barn cats (see dogs in fowl) , misc life hassles , and a pack rat , I got to try out the new ram prime . I settled on the Lee unit after a lengthy look at the offerings and complaints of owners and in some ways against my best judgement I bought 2 . The Lyman description wasn't clear as to whether it included or required separate purchase of the second ram . Purchase was another $16 . Reviews were vague but suggested it .
Honestly the RCBS has floating rams that reviews suggested were difficult . Also I bought before the rush , so prices were stable , at Midway they were $11 , 21 & 23 , with the extra Lyman was the most expensive . I bought from Titan Reloading and had 2 them in hand quickly . I promptly set up the ram portions for large and small in each kit and got side tracked . Enter the pack rat . The second kit was found when the couch with the snake in it left the living room ....... appearently the black rat snake (and I will continue to believe it wasn't a cotton mouth thank you) followed the mouse into the pack rats den ..... I'm better now , never really like that couch and it was starting to break down anyhow .
Tonight I primed 150 45-70 and 30-30 . The shell holders held tight and stayed aligned with the worn Partner and ram .
Complaint . I wish it would adjust up high enough to set for the cam over . Probably however if misadjusted in say a Big Max I can see where you might just pop a case or even a shell holder out .
The aluminum 7/8-14 to shell holder adapter is off putting but will the the press handle stopped at the start of the leverage curve more strength probably isn't needed .
Praise .
The assorted shell holders fit properly , Lyman , RCBS and Lee were handy priming was done with RCBS and Lyman . There didn't feel to be the usual tolerance slop . The stop was nice on the press the arthritis that plagues my grip in my wrist for extended press and hand primer sessions .
Points of interest . I got 2 whole sets for the price 1 . I can leave each anvil set up for large or small and I have a spare bushing , primer pin , and cup of each size . I don't have the floating pins to lose in the RCBS and I don't have to buy a spare rod for the Lyman . Aluminum adapter . I do have a spare . Unlike some other Lee tools there was zero futzing except changing the primer cup and plungers in both rams because I didn't check to see one of each and swapped them both lg to sm and sm to lg .
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