Is Your Bench Organic?

From a shoebox to an full production setup, show us how you operate! There is something to learn from everyone!

Is Your Bench Organic?

Postby daboone » 17 Mar 2019 08

I just helped one of my sons set up a reloading room, thus this ne topic.

During my career years I live in 5 different states. The only enjoyable parts of each move was building and or finding suitable benches and then setting up the new reloading room. Each time the previous shops taught me lessons for improving workflow. The one thing I learned is the reloading and gun cleaning benches are organic and no matter how much planning was done they just seem to evolve. Even adding a new ancillary tools or presses to an old bench teaches new workflow arrangements and adjustments to the location of most of the existing tools. Setting up the workflow to make handloading safer and more efficient is just another part of the enjoyment our passion.

Grandsons are the best additions to any bench. ;-)

PS: Larry I'm alive and well just traveling a lot.
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Re: Is Your Bench Organic?

Postby RBHarter » 17 Mar 2019 11

So true . Adapting to space , climate , and changing ammo needs will have a major impact on choices too . My little bench I have now is probably the best compact set up I've had . It certainly has the best bench top ever . At this point I probably should just spring for an 8-10×32 or 40' mobile home on 4 axles and just leave it all set up and move it as a unit/shelter/storage/moving container .
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Re: Is Your Bench Organic?

Postby Kaiser » 20 Mar 2019 11

When I first started reloading, it was with Lee's Classic kits. Being in the service (Urah!) at the time, our family moved a lot and I didn't have room for a "bench set-up". Therefore, my reloading space was about as "organic" as you can get with most of it allocated to a "shoe box", or small "tool box" I could put into the trunk of a vehicle. In some ways, it was the most "travel friendly" set-up that occasionally I use today when I plan to load, shoot, or hunt while on the "road". Of course today my "home base" reloading set-up includes so many presses, accessories ("gadgets"), and components that it takes up one of our "smaller" bedrooms (my Wife does have her own "sewing room"). Being a "Pack Rat" of the "1st Order", I am loath to thrown anything away; however, in my "late stage" in life, I've found younger friends to "infect" them with the "reloading virus" and pass along manuals, "gear", and some components to get them started. Thus my "down sizing" has evolved into (I guess) an "Organic" project of more efficiency and satisfaction. I still keep my Lee Classic kits in calibers I have on hand as a reminder of "simpler times", but have not moved for almost 30 years and enjoy the opportunity to make my "reloading room" more "organic" and efficient by rearranging and "thinning out the herd" on a weekly basis by using my equipment and components as often as possible.
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