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The Pro 1000, 4000, and the Six-Pack Pro presses. We also include the "Legacy" progressive presses; the Load-Master, Auto Breech Lock Pro
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Lee Pro 6000 or six pack or whatever

22 Sep 2022 19:09

Saw a couple u-tubers with videos out on the new press. I saw some "blems" for sale at Lee Precision a few days back....300 bucks IIRC. I almost sprung for one but I still have all my reloading things packed away so no need. Looks pretty good but I think I'd still like to see one in person before buying or at least more reviews. 300 bucks though.....heck yeah, if I was reloading.

Re: Lee Pro 6000 or six pack or whatever

23 Sep 2022 04:59

I don't have 300 loose bucks right now in this economy.

Re: Lee Pro 6000 or six pack or whatever

25 Sep 2022 07:01

I suspect that given my situation, the move off the ranch, and the lack of range access, my shooting will never again have the volume for another progressive. Therefore, I have decided not to move any presses, including the four Load-Masters. I've spent too much time perfecting them without mods. Since the move, I have added two items to each press, items I've found on eBay.

Roller Bearing Assist for Indexer

There is no installation. It slides right into place.

The roller assembly completely changes the press! Unbelievable!

KMS² UFO LM Reloading Press Light for Lee Loadmaster

I had bought one of the "center of the turret" lights, but I did not see it as the end of the visibility issue; plus, I'm too lazy to drill the center out on all my turrets. So when I saw the LED light ring, I was all in. It took about 5 minutes to install. The image is from my seated position operating the press. I don't need another die position for a powder cop type of die.

Re: Lee Pro 6000 or six pack or whatever

26 Sep 2022 08:03

Ranch Dog, I especially like the looks of the part on the index rod. That looks like it would be very beneficial. If I still had a LoadMaster I'd be jumping all over that. Shooting....what's that :lol: I did run a magazine (17 rds) thru my 9mm "carry" gun a couple days ago just to see if it still functions 8-) . I noticed that a lack of shooting effects you're abilities somewhat.. :?
Obviously I don't need a progressive press at this point either, but thought others might like to see an actual video of one of the Pro 6000 presses actually working.

edit: Thanks for moving this to the appropriate place.
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