Whatcha doing today wandering thread .

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Re: Whatcha doing today wandering thread .

Postby Ohio3Wheels » 09 Jul 2022 16:43

Took 2 of the lever guns out to play at the state range. 45 Colt Rossi '92 and 44 mag Henry Big Boy Steel. Ran them past the LabRadar was pleased with the 44 hand loads with a extreme spread of 3.5. The commercial stuff was much worse.

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Re: Whatcha doing today wandering thread .

Postby farmerjim » 10 Jul 2022 08:18

I have a flat tire on the front of my tractor. I need to take it off and put it in the back of the truck to get it fixed tomorrow.
I need to cast up about 1,000 lee C309-170F for the 300 blackout cases that I made from 223 brass. I started this project last October, but other things keep getting in the way.
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Re: Whatcha doing today wandering thread .

Postby RBHarter » 11 Jul 2022 20:01

That's kind of the idea I think . Lol

There's no doubt about that . I finally used a lube/sizer for the first time today ....I've been casting about 15 years and owned an old Herters for 3 yr and a slightly newer Lyman 45 for year and a half . I got the Lyman bolted down about a month ago , I've had the custom .273 H&I die for a year or more for the 6.5 Japanese . I suspect it will be much more efficient when doing only .002 over sized than .006 . I should probably stick with the Lee sizers for that first step down .

I guess I'll eventually need to find a loose 7-08 seating die for this one it would appear that on the occasional slightly fat nose that it's seating on the top band at the neck step ...... It chambers fine and all ...... The grooves are .2706 so it's a little oversize even for it's accepted.268 .

I think I'm going to do a less pickled corned styled beef for the smoker tomorrow to be cooked on Wednesday . With improved temperature control in the new smoking grill I've had good results and it keeps the heat out of the house too .
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