Two powder questions

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Re: Two powder questions

Postby mikld » 25 Sep 2018 11

An aside; I don't consider a powder "dirty" unless it stops up, clogs the action the gun after 250+ rounds. A lot of newer reloaders are overly concerned with "dirty" powders. I don't wear my white tux or my white Kid Skin Leather gloves when I shoot, and when I shoot at a good range, with bathrooms, I wash up after a session and when I shoot at an unimproved "range" I usually have water and rags/paper towels and moist hand wipes (Baby Butt Wipes). My guns are cleaned after each use and stored. Every powder I know of will leave some residue, some more than others, it largely depends on the load. If you wanna see what a real/true"dirty" powder is, try shooting some black powder (I tried some black in my 38 Specials out of curiosity way back and that is dirty!)...

Shooting and expecting no GSR is kinda like eating buttered popcorn and expecting no greasy fingers... ;)
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