Load-Master Primer Assembly Generations

The Pro 1000, Load-Master, and the Auto Breech Lock Pro.

Load-Master Primer Assembly Generations

Postby Ranch Dog » 08 Mar 2015 10:11

There are three generations of Primer Assemblies that I have on hand and I thought I would post the pictures to identify them to help others eliminate potential primer feed errors.





Here is what Lee has to say about the current part (3rd Generation):
Lee Precision wrote:There was a third generation design change on the primer feeder effective October 27, 2011 eliminating nuisance damage to the primer sliders and trough cover during operation. Formerly the gray cover and trough, now sold as an assembly along with the primer slider, primer lever, 6-32 x 1/4 screw and o-ring. These parts are no longer available individually. This assembly replaces parts: LM3254, LM3253A , LM3253B and LM3251.

There is also this support article: Identify version of Load Master primer trough assembly

The reason I wanted to hit on this is that the article did not identify the original version of the assembly and there is no telling how many are still in use. I had one in my #1 press and it was causing all kinds of problems that the new generation cured immediately.
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Re: Load-Master Primer Assembly Generations

Postby Patriot007 » 10 Apr 2015 01:34

Thanks for this Valuable information, it will help a lot of people having primer problem on their load masters. The load master is a great reloading press and I am one of the lucky ones. Lee has worked out a lot of the bugs before I got mine. My priming trough assembly is solid red and appears to be a gen 3.
I never could under stand why a lot of guys prefer to prime off press when it comes to pistol cartridges.
I do now, Thanks for the info. I also practice what you were saying about the, checking the primers before raising the ram. There's nothing like trying to shove another primer into a case with a primer in it.<LOL>
Once I'm finished making a run of bullets on mine, I remove the powder and the primers from the press. Mainly because my next step is going to be depriming after shooting what I've loaded. Hey thanks again.

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